Call from Teams to Skype consumer doesn't work

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Hello everyone,


I'm using Teams for test and plan to deploy it for the company I'm working.


I was enjoyed when Microsoft announced call from Teams to Skype consume was available.

I configure everything as described in the documentation.


But in the fact for me, what happen when I test it:

Teams version: 13.00.9267

Skype Version:  (version 14)

  • Call from Teams (desktop app & browser) to Skype consumer: can't find contact, can't call Skype consumer even he called me before
  • Call and text message from Skype consumer account to Teams (desktop app): None ring, none message received
  • Message sent from Skype consumer account to Teams (desktop app & browser): None message received
  • Call from Skype consumer account to Teams (desktop app): None ring
  • Call from Skype consumer account to Teams (browser :( Ring, call done correctly. But none way to call backup contact

Do-you have the same issues on your tenant?

I did something wrong or should-I wait to have it deployed on my tenant?


Thanks all for you help and contribution :)

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Normal thing with Microsoft, they have said the roll out is being done in April so I guess is not fully completed yet

Yes, @ITlamina I am having the Exact Same issues.  First off, at the time of your posting, the Consumer Skype thing wasn't a feature, it was a plan.  However, that was then, and this is now.  The rollout was scheduled supposedly on the 31 of last month (8-31-2020), but I am on Teams, and have two daughters doing virtual school who have Skype.  As a Microsoft Family user...this was an obvious choice.  This was my opportunity to work with them when I had to be at the office.  It does not work from The Windows or Mac Platforms, we've tried it on a browser to browser connection, we've used the apps.  We've made sure to get the most recent versions.  It is a non-starter.  Of course, it is the 3rd if September, so I'm willing to give them a few more days to tweak this.  Sadly, I see now why Zoom ate Skype's lunch during Corona.  This was Skype's big moment...  Where were these guys?  And yes, we set up all the external stuff and permissions... It even sent the invite to Skype to allow the connection, where it then claimed we could chat!  It's just not-ready-for-primetime yet.  Let's keep following up on this.  I KNOW it's important to them. Google Meet and Zoom are slapping them all over the internet.  Ego alone will force them to fix this situation.  It's got to be embarrassing.