Call flows within AA and CQ

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Dear community,


In the company I'm working for, we have setup CQ and AA to handle call flows.


I have one case where an AA flows the call to a CQ. After a timeout of 30 secs, the call should go to CQ2. After 30 secs, to a last CQ3.


In reality I have reports form the business that our external customers are standing in the CQs for loong time without being answered. In each of teh CQs are several people that the chances that all agents in those CQs are unvaialble at the same time are reduced. Also those numbers are not receiving a great number of calls neither.


How can I get a proof that calls has been presented to agents and agents are not picking up the phone?


Only I can get is with the API sessions /{callID}/sessions, but the answer of this API only shows basic information on the AA and or CQ where the call was in. It does not say to wich user the call has been presented.


CQ have the Conference mode active.


The issue doesn't happen to often. 


How can I get this information?


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@MauricioAragon Unfortunately there is no way to get that information. You may want to investigate the available third-party Connected Contact Center solutions.