Call disconnects on answering

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I have started experiencing this problem where every call i receive disconnects on answering. However, if i make a call it goes through without any issues.

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@user123955 I've also had this manifest from 5th May onwards with my Yealink T58A (other IP Phones also exhibiting). They are all running latest firmware and Teams app version. Sometimes I get a situation where lifting the handset doesn't answer the call, other times it disconnects on answering and displays the message "the call was answered on another device" (it wasn't!)


Downgrading the base firmware hasn't cured it, so I'm convinced it manifests after 5th May '20 on Teams calling app version 1449/ (and I can't downgrade the app) :sad:


Less than helpful is that the created off the phone is corrupt :facepalm:


Why May 5th? No idea, but this firmware / app combo was fine for about a week before problems started yesterday. Six phones, 3x T58A and 3x T55A all exhibiting.

Dear @user123955 


One of my colleague had faced the similar issue "every call i receive disconnects on answering. However, if i make a call it goes through"


It got resolved after performing the below steps and hope it resolves your issue.

Uninstall teams - Restart system - Re-Install teams - Restart System

@user123955I'm having the same issue since yesterday 5/5. Any idea someone why? Other members of the company doesn't have this issue. Previously with all the same sets I haven't experienced this issue.

@user123955 I've experienced this problem with some users starting yesterday evening. Turns out it happens since the users  installed the  IOS Teams App update 2.0.9 on their phone. A soon as you logg off(not force close) from the iphone teams app voice/video calls on windows client work again....   

This solution worked for me! All other clients could begin answering calls normally, immediately after users signed out from iOS MS Teams v2.0.9.



I'm actually experiencing the issue that any call I make disconnects (from iOS or from MacOS).  Other people in my org can call fine.  I've tried logging out / back in, and logging out of all iOS devices and it didn't help.


*Edit* - You RECEIVER of the call needs to sign out of Teams on their iOS device.  I've also confirmed if you sign out, delete teams on iOS, download Teams on iOS again, sign back in on iOS, it works and you can stay signed in on iOS.

Hello @tingeltangelbob 

Thank you so much, this solution worked for me I am not sure this is related only to iOS version or is affecting the android user too? But I am signing out from iPhone temporary and I already reported the app issue here:







We too are having the issue. We found that we need to sign the users out of the Teams iOS app, remove the app from their device, re-install it from the App Store and have them sign back in. This solves the issue. They are then able to stay logged in and receive calls like normal.


Hi everyone we've found this issue seems to be due to the user receiving the call having two devices logged into Teams. Full details here

No resolution from MS at this stage.

@Rob Hardman 


After seeing your post, and posting our own version of the same thing
we did the following testing and got a solution.


we got a user (Bob) with

iOS Version 2.0.9 / Build : 1.077.2020050202 (general) / Calling version : 2020.10.01.6

teams app to uninstall the app (they didn't log out first).

Then Bob downloaded and install the app from the apps store (NOT from our company's "comp portal" app).
After Bob signed in , the app about menu shows no change.

- Version 2.0.9 / Build : 1.077.2020050202 (general) / Calling version : 2020.10.01.6


Now Bob is logged in on laptop and phone.

When Sally calls Bob on Teams, if Bob answers using the laptop the call connects. Bob's phone rings once after answering on the computer then the phone stops ringing.


We also tested with Bob logged into his phone (after reinstalling iOS Teams app), Bog logged into an android tablet and Bob logged into his computer. When Sally called Bob, he was able to answer the call from any device. Just like pre 5 May 2020.

Thanks @user123955  and @Akeelyakub 

Now to tell our users what to do.....

We're still having issue even after reinstalling iOS app. logging out of app seems to fix but that's not the fix we're after. Hope MS will release some updates soon. 

@Dorje McKinnon 


I got the same issue. Only option is to logoff in the app

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Now it's official: ;)




As I said before this worked for us but waiting for Microsoft to resolve this issue:

1. Log off from iOS App (iPhone & iPad) if user has both device you need to reinstall on both 

2. Delete the iOS Teams App

3. Install the Teams App again and login


Hi @pritpalkarir 


Sorry to hear that. We didn't see that. I just saw MS say don't reinstall

but from what I hear they'll have a fix out in a day or two.

I have the same issue. a call comes in. it rings on my work cel and desktop at the same time. before I can slide across the monitors and click it on the desktop, it goes away and the call goes to voicemail.


having to uninstall Teams is not a solution. it is a copout by Microsoft. Basically it say 'we don't know how to fix the issue, so just reset the software to factory spec; cause it works perfect in our sandbox environment. we can't be responsible for it working in the real world'  bleh !