Call controls disappeared from iOS 14 lock screen

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Hello- After upgrading to iOS 14 on my iPhone, MS Teams call controls (Mute/Unmute) disappeared from the lock screen when using the MS Teams app. Anyone having the same issue? 

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Same issue with me. I've talked to several co-workers and we all have the same issue. Hopefully MS patches the client soon.

@amin123 ***Workaround*** While in Teams call > click Home button or Swipe Up on FaceID iPhones to go to home screen > Go to Phone App > dial your phone number or voicemail or like 611 (get another a call going) > it will put on hold your teams meeting > then just end this new call or swap > you will see the controls for teams call then for the duration of the meeting.


Caveat is you must do this for every meeting :(

@bkhalil This workaround does not work on my iPhone SE. As soon as the second call ends, the call controls go away again.

as this seems to be a known issue for a while now: when can an update of the Teams app be expected?

and some more.

The workaround described works sometimes, but is not very convenient anyway.