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We have a team set up in our office, and different channels to represent different projects. It is working out great when it comes to delegating and breaking up tasks per person and seeing the schedule/calendar for each channel/project. I have like 12 different channels running concurrently, and want to be able to see in a consolidated calendar all the different tasks assigned  (and deadlines) for my overarching team. The question is: How can I combine the schedules of all the channels into a single calendar and let the Team be able to see the upcoming tasks/milestone for the various projects? Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

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Out of the box you can’t. Not using planner assuming that’s what you are using for tasks and calendar. I recall seeing a few 3rd party tools that might be able to do this but something would have to be developed or bought in order to accomplish this today.

Thank you @Chris Webb , it will very a valuable tool if ever implemented!

Hi @Alberto_go , If you open the web version of planner, you can access all the teams, channels you are a part of using planner hub. Planner hub gives you a 360 view of all the plans and tasks you are part of

It’s the same by opening the planner app in Teams from the left hand rail

@planner9967 This is also something that I am trying to accomplish through Microsoft Teams. Viewing 2 channel calendars at the same time.  I am in the web browser for Teams, but still cannot seem to locate the option to be able to view both calendars combined.  I would appreciate any help that you may be able to offer.  Thanks. 

@Alberto_go  Great Question, I am also trying to do the same thing.  Were you ever able to find a solution?  Thank you