calendar scrolls to afternoon regardless of time of day

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Hi Community,


One of my users has pointed out that the Microsoft Teams desktop app for Windows automatically scrolls to late morning / early afternoon, no matter what time of day it is. This seems to be true almost every time I relaunch Teams or if I switch between areas of Teams -- from Calendar to Calls and back to Calendar again, for example.


Is there a reason for this behavior and, if not, how can we get it fixed so that it follows the user's local time of day?

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Hello @DukeOfURL 


Our engineering team tried multiple combinations but was not able to reproduce this. 

The current behavior is implemented such that the current time marker will always show on the screen for the view which contains today. Is it possible to get list of steps or a video how you are hitting this scenario ?

Hello @ThereseSolimeno


Thank you for exploring this issue with me. I am going to reach out to request that my user provide us a video of her own experience with this problem. Additionally I would like to record my own tomorrow morning. My initial inclination was to create a video right now by adjusting my computer clock but I decided against it at the risk of providing bad data.


You should hear from me soon.