Calendar not syncing today

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Hi all,


Was wondering if anyone else was having this issue today. Usually it goes away in a couple minutes, if not seconds (as it normally occurs because of bad wifi/network connection), but today I've had the message of "Can't sync right now. We'll try again soon." above my calendar for the whole morning (about 3+ hours so far). My boss is having the same issue on his end, so I was curious to see if this might be a more widespread issue, as opposed to a localized issue.


Any thoughts/info would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi, could be a service disruption of some sort and if so should be posted in the M365 admin center. Usually you can just switch to the web version for example trying to reproduce the issue. If it's a problem there too you know it's the service/network etc. and just not the desktop client.

Best and easiest way to clear cache and refresh Teams desktop client is to sign out manually from the top right corner and also right-click on the bottom right taskbar icon and select "Quit".