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I have setup Teams.  I am the global admin for my company and access to all portals.  All Team meeting policy options and scheduling options are set to yes for me at global level.  In the desktop and web version, calendar app does not appear on the left hand side for me.  I cannot schedule meetings in team.


Stuck and need some help! I have attached screenshots.


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@mitchpj75  We have that same issue at one of our users (not all).


Please help Microsoft how we can fix this!

I have the same issue.

@mitchpj75 I have the same problem as well with an exchange hybrid configuration.  The system is Exchange 2013 but I have migrated the Mailbox in question to the cloud.  I am receiving a calendarSyncService: User mailbox is not discoverable. Skipping sync in the teams diagnostic logs (crl+alt+shift+1.)

You have exchange on premises? Re run the ad connect with hybrid option


I have the same issue. Everyone else in my team can see the "Calendar" tab in the Microsoft Team. However, I cannot view it. Neither on desktop or web version or mobile app. Not only that I cannot even schedule any meeting via the MS Team.


The only difference I have noticed, between my setup and my colleagues is that I installed Team as part of Office 365 installation, while my colleagues had MS Office 2019 installed and then installed Team independently. 


I've requested the company admin to look into the issue. However, I doubt it is to do with user admin settings. Let's hope someone from Microsoft also addresses it.


Calendar tab on colleagues app and None on mine below: 

2020-03-26.png            Snag_19d7e9d.png

Hi there,

I have the same issue.

One thing that I noticed is that the Calendar Tab doesn't show up on the user's laptop that has Windows 10 Home and Office 2010 installed but if i login to the Teams via the browser with his login ID on my office laptop that has Windows 10 Pro and Office 365 the Calendar Tab does show up.


I created a new Windows user profile on his laptop but that didnt help. I tested on two other computers and it works fine. So it is definitely an issue linked to something on his laptop.

The calendar is missing in my version of teams and I am unable to send invitations

@mike_farnham Could it be you're using Teams free?


See this comparison view 

Differences between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams free

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks for sharing the difference. However, most of my team members has that view but I do not. I do not think it is related to free version, because I use corporate email to log in.

Hello, my post was aimed at Mike, I haven’t read about your issue I’m afraid. Maybe later!
I was having the same issue today. I’m the domain admin and couldn’t see Calendar on Teams. But my users can. You create a standard user account and can now see Calendar when I log in.

We are having the same issue here. 


Any help from Microsoft would be appreciated. 

Any solutions for this? I have the same problem at several customers randomly!@mitchpj75 

My guess is that it has something to do with the licences assigned to the account.  In my case I assigned a O365 A1 Plus for faculty at user creation, BUT only had the Teams app selected as part of that license assignment.  In this case, when I logged into Teams with that account no calendar.  I then went in after account creation and assigned the Exchange Online Plan 1 app and waited for a bit. I then logged into Teams with the user account and the calendar was there.  I then unassigned the Exchange Online Plan 1 app, logged out, then back in, and the calendar was still there (at least so far).  If it seems to take forever for the calendar to appear once the Exchange license has been assigned try to login to a Teams client with that account on a client that has already shown it has had the calendar appear.  Basically, I just messed around with the assigned licenses a lot.  Hope this helps.@JonasB1925 

Well, now it seems obvious that you have to have an Exchange app assigned to a user for the calendar to appear in Teams. Not sure if that is what's going on in your case, but now that I've pulled the Exchange app from the user I get a "your Exchange calendar isn't set up" message in Teams where the calendar is supposed to be. So you have the Exchange app assigned to the user for the calendar in Teams to work.

@mitchpj75 I have the exact same issue!

I am having the same issue. However I am totally new to teams & o365.


I have registered for the free teams version for our small company, and I don't get the calendar button, and thus cannot create recurring meetings and all that.


Question: Is this generally not supported by the free teams version, thus I would need to purchase a valid o365 license in addition?


[edit] so basically what I want to achieve is to set up recurring meetings where people can just join using a fixed link or (even better) the calender in teams, without me having to actively invite people upon every new meeting date.

I think it depends on the type of "free" Teams license you are using.  There is an E1 license that I would bet has the Calendar on the left-hand side, but "Teams Free" or the "Feemium version of Teams" would only have something like "Meeting" on the left-hand side.  So the question is: what license do you have?


@DavidMitchell190Ok so I definitely have no trial license of office365, just the free teams version. also don't want to get a license for the full office since I don't need the rest of the suite.

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Let me sum up this thread for people just joining now. If the calendar app is missing from the left of Teams there are two possible reasons


1. (Most Likely) - Teams can not find or access your calendar. It will only access a calendar from the exchange mailbox associated with the users account, if you don't have one, then no calendar. Also if you use Exchange hosted on-premises you will need to have hybrid configured to allow Teams to access that mailbox. Read more starting at How Exchange and Microsoft Teams interact - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


2. (Less Likely) - Someone removed Calendar in an app setup policy assigned to that user. This will hide it from the left menu but it will still be there if you press the ... Menu at the bottom. See Manage app setup policies in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs







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