Calendar Meeting dropdown for Webinar?

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

I have found many questions online about this, but have yet to find a good answer. At one time, I had the webinar option in a dropdown in my Teams Calendar. Now, it's gone. I've signed out and back in and it's still missing.

I have Biz Premium license. How do I get it back?


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please check if "webinar" is displaying in web version Teams
if that so, AKA only disappeared in your Teams client
--then currently it's a known issue from MS bug, they are still working this

as workaround, you can clean your client, option webinar will be back temporarily, and will disappear again around 24 hours later
That did it! It's a pain to have to do it that way, but at least I know how I can make it happen now. Have a great new year!