Calendar Invite Correct But Email Time Incorrect

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Does anyone have a solution for this? 

Time Zones are correct, the registration form is correct and meeting set correctly, but still, it displays the wrong time in the body of the email? 


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Not sure here where the problem is: On the Google side that does not interpret well the meeting invite or in the Teams side that is not sending a proper Teams invite. How are you generating the invite? By using the Teams calendar? By means of the Teams Webinar registration feature?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Hi! The Google time is correct and is what is set up in the teams' webinar. 

  1. Person registers on the webinar registration form 
  2. The information on the form says the correct time, as well as the meeting details
  3. After submitting the form the attendee receives a confirmation email that has the incorrect time on it. 
Hi Emma,
It seems something with the invites sent by the Webinars feature is not correct. I would suggest to open a support ticket to notify the issue to Microsoft