Calendar in Teams?

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Is there any solution on how to get a good working calendar in Teams.

My users have so much problem when being linked to Outlook calendars. Either they dont select the correct calendar or just get confused over the switching from Teams to a browser.


I just want one calendar where i can put all scheduling so everyone can view it in Teams.

A webpage with a calendar is not good enough since there is no week, day, mounth view, just an agenda.


Is there some third party solutions. Anyone making a webbased calendar that works to link right into teams. Hopefully also on mobile.



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Same here (adding a sharepoint calendar as a tabbed webpage in Teams).  Then the sharepoint engineer created a workflow for approving time off/working from home, etc for the team.  A new request is red then the manager is notified and once he approves it turns blue.



Regarding a Teams included groupcalendar, they are working on it!


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When I use Option 4, the Save button does not show up in teams when I try to add a new event. Does this work for anyone else?

I reported the issue to MS support and the said it's by design?! 

Therefore option 4 can be used to display the events to everybody, but if you want to add new items you need to open the calendar from SharePoint

This is their answer:


Apologies for the delay in response as we have been waiting for the Product group team to investigate the reported issue.

The PG has got back to us and confirmed that this is “By Design”. They have not added any “Write/Save” options to the hosted teams tab experience. This feature may come in at a later time but they do not have a firm timeline yet. They also suggested to provide feedback for the same on user voice form which is also monitored by them for new implementations.


User voice form:


Kindly let me know in case of any further questions or concerns.


@alberto I’m seeing the add link in the browser but not in the desktop client

@Dean Gross,

The same here, the add link is not visible in the desktop client and clicking on the tile "Add event" doesn't produce any effect.

Using the web client the link works and a new event form appears, but as there is no "Save" button, it is useless.

As I said the events have to be created from SharePoint, e.g. clicking on the top-right icon "go to website"

@Deleted wrote:
Doubt it, that's what it being attached to SharePoint makes it great, because it's a platform you can do what you want with attached to Teams. You can restrict calendars in SharePoint to owners only. Or limit what members can do etc. by tweaking permissions on the calendar.

The whole group calendar and how it integrates with outlook and sends out invites to people etc. is just clunky, I prefer the SharePoint calendar way more. You can create multiples and have "Sub Calendars" etc. as well.

SharePoint calendars, to me, have always been clunky and limited. For a lot of our users, the fact that you can't send a meeting invite from that calendar is a show-stopper. There are uses for SP calendars (as simple lists of events), but for schedule management, there's just too much they can't do. 

I think it is very frustrating that Microsoft still have not been able to create a working calendar for a group in teams. We have Teams and each team have channels... i really hoped to see by now a function to add multiple calendars to a team.

When i say working integrated calendars i do not mean sharepoint or outlook calendars, i mean something that looks good and are adapted to teams on PC and mobile. Add calendars for teams, channels etc. an interface that looks professional in teams and not like you are forcing another function into it...

I am looking to create this exact thing, how did you do this?



Tried to add a "website" tab to Teams to link to an existing sharepoint calendar (in the form of a list) but couldn't connect. I receive the answer "connection to (calendar's URL) denied".

Can someone help, please?

I'd like to let workers access to firm's calendar with the Teams app on their mobiles.

Thank you!

mobile isnt going to work with SP calendar cause its classic and not modernized