Calendar in Teams?

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Is there any solution on how to get a good working calendar in Teams.

My users have so much problem when being linked to Outlook calendars. Either they dont select the correct calendar or just get confused over the switching from Teams to a browser.


I just want one calendar where i can put all scheduling so everyone can view it in Teams.

A webpage with a calendar is not good enough since there is no week, day, mounth view, just an agenda.


Is there some third party solutions. Anyone making a webbased calendar that works to link right into teams. Hopefully also on mobile.



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Use the Sharepoint calendar “app”/list. It works just fine and when they update that to modern UI it’ll work on mobile. Create a website tab to it and it works quick and easy.

You can also have your users click calendar tab on it and open in outlook to sync with outlook and they can use that if they prefer to use outlook for that calendar. This is read and write.

And even more because it’s a Sharepoint list users can use the alert me function. Setup custom views and you can even sssign workflows or flows to it for approval if you had that requirement.

You can also customize columns but then ou lose the ability to use outlook sync.
But you can not get a calendar view from a sharepoint app/list. It is just an agenda with the last ten events. Need mounth view or week view.
I just did it yesterday. Default view is calendar. and it shows that view in Teams. I’ll sceeen shot when I get to computer.

Can not find any sharepoint app/list that works like that in the modern UI.

The only thing i find is called calendar and it only gives me the Agenda view. No mounth, week or day view.


I would be very happy if you could show what you did and what result you get.

Please some screenshots would be great!


Is that the Group calendar?

How did you add that to a page with the modern UI?


Or is that a sharepoint calendar and not the Team Group calendar?


And as far as i know, i can not access that calendar with a proper UI from a mobile device.... i will get a full screen sharepoint website to try and zoom in and out to add events etc?


Or am i wrong?



The page isn't a modern List, but you can add any list / app to SharePoint even classic ones. That screenshot is a website tab in Teams to the Calendar list page of the attached SharePoint site of the team.

It's a SharePoint calendar, group calendars are a mess. You get way more control with a SharePoint calendar.

From the SharePoint app, the calendar actually opens in a new Mobile UI calendar that I've never seen before and it actually works well.

Here is that same calendar on the SharePoint mobile app. 


Ok, ill test this.


But how do i create a standard (not modern UI) webpage in a team sharepoint site?

How do i even start to create that calendar.


The Team sharepoint enviroment seems to only be modern UI and i cant find anything about creating a new calendar app there.


Do you mind showing me?

Click, New on the homepage, App > Calendar in the list. Name it, and done. That easy. Then go to site contents to get to it, you can add to Quick launch bar etc. once you go to it and get the URL to it, then you can add to Teams etc.

Thanks, found it.

Will test this, it looks decent.


Had hoped for a working group calender within Teams itself.

A builtin module for a team calendar that Team owners could administrate.

Also ability to have sub-calendars for channels...


Maybe MS is working on something like that.


Doubt it, that's what it being attached to SharePoint makes it great, because it's a platform you can do what you want with attached to Teams. You can restrict calendars in SharePoint to owners only. Or limit what members can do etc. by tweaking permissions on the calendar.

The whole group calendar and how it integrates with outlook and sends out invites to people etc. is just clunky, I prefer the SharePoint calendar way more. You can create multiples and have "Sub Calendars" etc. as well.

Well now i got an idea... but now im stuck on how to embed the sharepoint calendar to a new site.

I really want the Team content on the Team website (sharepoint).

But it seems it is not possible to embed a sharepoint calendar on a Modern UI site, or am i missing something?


Reason for wanting to embed the page is to be able to add content above and under it.


And also be able to add my own code to make the page go in fullscreen.

Got these pages that i want in old sharepoint style... but working on migrating things to Teams.


Any idea on if this is possible, creating the old site on a Team sharepoint site?


You can use embed webpart. Refer to this post:

You can't do the fullscreen thing in modern UI without some kind of major sorcery by using a application customize or something and even then I don't think it's possible so you can probably forget that option :P. You might be able to link people to an HTML page and use embed to take up the whole page or something, but nothing clean, then you are talking about mobile issues by trying to rig that up.

Grrr to bad then.

Guess ill either then have the option to use an old sharepoint site where i can create the old pages.

Or just accept the fullscreen option is not possible.



As already reported by others the feature is under review (then it won't be released soon) but you can use either the Group calendar from OWA or a SharePoint calendar adding a website tab to a Teams channel.

From my tests the results are very different one another.


Let's see the 4 options I tested:

  1. Add a website tab linking an Outlook calendar in OWA (e.g.
  2. Add a website tab linking a SharePoint site page containing an O365 group calendar modern web-part
  3. Add a website tab linking a SharePoint calendar page and removing the SharePoint framework appending ?isdlg=0 to the url (e.g.
  4. Add a website tab linking a SharePoint Site page containing an Events modern web part (a modern view of a SharePoint calendar)



  1. The first solution is accessible only to internal users whose mailbox is hosted on Exchange online. Internal users whose mailbox is hosted on-premises and guest users cannot access OWA.
  2. This solution looks nice but doesn't work for guests - Desktop App and all browsers tested ok  though it can take some time to load the content- but for external users it load the web-part but the content hangs on "getting events"
  3. This solution seems to work only from the desktop app, otherwise either you get the error message "This content can’t be shown in a frame"/"This content cannot be displayed in a frame" or nothing is displayed
  4. This is the only solution that works for internal users and external users - Desktop App and all browsers tested ok

This is what I did...


After much struggle, I finally fell back on using the already created "Events" in Sharepoint.

1. I first wanted it in Quick Launch for easier access by my team when accessings SP site directly.

To add "Events" to SP's Quick Launch:

Select Site contents > Events > ... > Settings


Select List name, description and navigation 


Select "Yes" radio button to display on Quick Launch. Click Save.


2. I wanted to add the calendar to MS Teams. I followed someone else's suggestion to use the website option.

To add website to MS Teams:

Click "+" button in MS Teams.

Select "Website".


Give the tab a name, and paste in Event's URL from SP Settings page.

Use this URL:





Final Look:


I then followed this guide... color code things on the calendar by category. (everything by default shows up as one color)

#4 works for me. Think of it as a quick view of the upcoming events to make it easy to join etc. Then, to create new events use your Message link on the left hand 'Me Menu'.