Calendar for booking equipment?

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I have a team that use a shared piece of equipment, and we want to be able to "book" it. I was hoping to use a calendar within our Team page, but I don't want this syncing with everyone's personal calendars because that would confuse our schedules. I tried the Bookings app, but this was more set up for bookings between clients and customers rather than staff with a piece of equipment, any ideas?


Basically we want a simple way to visually check what time slots are available for some equipment, and for it to tell you if you try to book it during someone else's time. Thanks!

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Use an equipment mailbox? That way you will be able to book it just like any room.
A simple alternative I can think is to create a custom Microsoft Lists list where you define required columns to manage the equipment including booking start date and booking end date and them configure a calendar view in the list