Bypass "Join Now" confirmation

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After clicking on the Outlook popup to joing a MS Teams meeting, it then opens a window in the app to confirm audio/visual settings and then click "Join Now" to actually start the meeting.


Is there a way to bypass this confirmation step? Similar to Skype where you check the "Always use these settings" box so you don't have to do this with every meeting?

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Unfortunately no. The only way to skip it currently is by clicking join from the Teams calendar itself.

Agreed, it is very annoying!

I believe they added this screen. It wasn't there when I first started using the software. It has so many controls that it can take a moment to take in when all I want to do is join the call. Definitely poor UX.

@PatrickMelo : its very bad user interface it should join when all settings are set time

I agree that, while this seems like a minor inconvenience, the additional step is quite annoying. There should be an option to go straight to the Teams meeting from the Outlook popup - it's like the two applications don't work well with each other.