Bypass Lobby not working

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We set up a lot of meetings on behalf of clients. We are choosing the option that everyone can bypass the lobby however it doesn't seem to work most of the time. I tested it a few times with a person from outside my org and it doesn't work, they go into the lobby every time.


Any ideas on what I can do? Frustrating for both us and clients.



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Just to confirm, the person that is the organizer of these meetings has "Everyone" in "Automatically admit people", right?

@Andres Gorzelany Hi, yes that's right

Thanks for clarifying.
Is this happening also in newly scheduled meetings?
Yes it is
Hello Debra, I am sorry I could not reproduce, do you still face this behavior?
Yes, this is still happening. Could it possibly be due to permissions on the other person's side?

@DebraW5 : Could be related to what you are experiencing. Thought to share it to help on this issue: 

External Users / Guests are able to bypass lobby – Microsoft Teams meeting

No, this still hasn't rectified the issue unfortunately

@DebraW5 Hello, I assume that you're talking about an anonymous user here? That is someone who's not signed into Teams but rather simply joins using a meeting link with a browser? (they type in a name in a meeting join prompt first).


To bypass the lobby and enter automatically as an anonymous user -> without having a user from the own organization already in the meeting <- you have to allow the second one here as well. If you're not toggling the second one, there has to be an org. user in the meeting for these users to bypass the lobby automatically. The first one is simply about if they are even allowed to join meetings.




Hi Christian, where is that setting? Thanks
Hi, sorry. Got the idea you're a Teams administrator. The picture is from Teams admin center and is in the Teams meeting policy.

You could perhaps talk to the administrator about the so called federation settings as well, to see if they are open. If not open for all domains they block others not in the "allow list" making them join as "anonymous" hence get stuck in the lobby if being first to the meeting.
I spoke to the administrator and all these settings are already on. Not sure why this is still an issue for us.
If they are enabled according to the admin, the issue is probably that you have another meeting policy assigned to your user account where both are not toggled on. Have them look at your user account in Teams.