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I'm working with client, who has requested me to help get external users / meeting participants to bypass the lobby in a meeting room. 


I've found the setting which can be used, once the meeting has been created. However, wanted to try and see if there was a default location for this setting which can be applied to a user / group? 


As it feels this need to be set on very meeting. 





This is currently the Org-Wide settings



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@ITbEF  Hi the Teams meeting configurations are managed by several policies in the Teams Admin centre. By default all users are assigned the global org wide policy but you can create custom policies and then assign it to individual users or a group that the users already belong to. 


These policies can only be created and updated by an Admin user

In the Teams Admin Centre the specific policies you need to look at is the Meeting Policy. You can either update the global org wide policy so the change will impact all users or create a new custom meeting policy with a different the default value for who you want to automatically admit (see screen shot of  one of the sections in the meeting policy for admitting users). The new custom policy can then be assigned to the relevant usersTeams meeting guests.jpg See Microsoft Documentation on Managing meeting policies 

Thanks Nikki,

I've already adjusted those settings, but they don't appear to have flited though to the end user when creating a meeting. The end user still needs to go into the meeting settings and then change who can bypass the lobby.

Ideally I'd like this to be controlled via admin / update those who are affected.