BusyOnBusy when Busy without in a call

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Hello we are using Microsoft Teams calling,


and have enabled busyonbusy unanswered or enabled and users are setting their status manually to Busy, however new calls are still incoming. Is there any way to also make it possible that when a users sets himself busy that it automatically redirects calls to the "Unanswered" setting.

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Hi @schmitch 


See here


Calling policies in Microsoft Teams: Calling and call-forwarding features - Microsoft Teams | Micros...


Busy on Busy is designed when a user is in an actual call. As quoted 'Busy on Busy (Busy Options) lets you configure how incoming calls are handled when a user is already in a call or conference or has a call placed on hold'


It is not based on Busy presence. I have raised a feedback here.


Busy on Busy for presence · Community (


Please vote and get others to do so to push it up the agenda. In time, maybe we will see this functionality come in. DND status in presence will divert


Hope that answers your question


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Busy on Busy is only when users users are busy in a call or a meeting, not when "just" busy Teams presence.

Users can set themselves as "Do Not Disturb" and calls will be redirected to the destination set in the Unanswered option (usually voicemail).