Busy signal on outbound call to PSTN

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We have a user configured to the point where they now have a dialpad in their Teams client. We have an auto-attendant created and when we dial into that number, we can transfer the call to the user's Teams client successfully.

However, when we try to make a call out to the PSTN we just get a "Unavailable The person you're trying to reach isn't available. Try again later."

The user has a Microsoft calling plan assigned and we are not using direct routing. We can't see anything that could be the issue since everything seems to be in order.


Here are some parameters from the user:

Phone number type: Online


OnPremEnterpriseVoiceEnabled: False
HostedVoiceMail: True
EnterpriseVoiceEnabled: True
TeamsVoiceRoute: False
OnPremLineURIManuallySet: True
VoicePolicy: BusinessVoice
TeamsUpgradeEffectiveMode: TeamsOnly
DialPlan: US
LocationPolicy: US
HostedVoicemailPolicy: BusinessVoice



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If user has a calling plan and it is configured appropriately, outbound PSTN should work - recommend to create support incident with microsoft for this.
Does the user have a phone number assigned? If not, can one be assigned? Or create a caller id policy and use the service number of the auto attendant and assign that caller id policy to the user.

There are "new" laws relating to caller ID and caller identification that could cause some issues if there is no caller ID in place.