Busy Signal After Missed Queue Call

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Several users are seeing an issue where the phone speaker emits a busy signal after missing a call via call queue (other user picks up). We are using Poly CCX 400s, all phones are up to date (Firmware, Teams App 1449/ However this issue has persisted through a couple firmware and app updates.

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I just wanted to revive this thread because I have the same issue. Firmware 8.1.5. Attendant routing enabled. When somebody picks up the phone, another user's phone will still ring. Then the non-picking-up user gets a dial tone through the speaker if presence-based routing is off. If presence-based routing is on they will hear a busy-tone instead. Any solutions to this?

Hello @DirtyScoobie ,


I have been having this issue for at least a year. Microsfot has said they have never heard of this issue. I am curious if you are using Poly CCX phones along with Direct Routing.

I've exclusively been deploying Direct Routing for customers, and quite a few have Poly's, I've never come across this issue.