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Hello Dear Techcommunity


I have questions regarding the different licensing models.

A customer of ours, an education centre, is using teams. At the moment, they are using O365 Business Basic but I think it would make more sense for them to use O365 Education.

I have several questions.


Can we convert their O365 Licenses to Education licenses?

What does our customer have to do to apply for an Education License?

Concerning Teams, they are already using Teams at the moment. If you use teams with a O365 Education License, does it change the features of the already pre existing teams? I don`t think I completely understand these different models yet.



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You cannot "convert" licenses, the centre will have to prove eligibility in order to receive the EDU SKUs. The process is usually quite fast, but depending on where in the world you are, it might actually take a while. Best talk with your local Microsoft representatives to get up-to date information.