Bulk editing of field 'content type' is not possible in Teams client

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Ensure you have a Team with a connected Team site
  2. In the default document library, ensure you have enabled managing content types
  3. Ensure you have multiple content types added to the library
  4. Open the Team in the Teams client and navigate to the Files tab
  5. Upload multiple documents
  6. Select 1 document
  7. Open the information pane by clicking the 'i', now you see the field 'content type' ('Inhoudstype' in Dutch) visible and are able to change it


  8. Now select at least 1 other document so you have multiple selected


The field 'Content type' is no longer visible



Expected behaviour:

The field 'content type' is visible and you're able to change it (just like in SharePoint)




Is anyone else seeing the same behaviour? Is this a known issue? We had some situations where we saw it working before but right now we don't see it anywhere functioning correctly.

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