Bug with Mobile Number Display


I am in trial version of Teams Business Voice for my Organization. Here is the major bug I found in the mobile version of Teams. 


As per my knowledge, when someone from external contact calls on Teams number, Teams would receive two things from mobile operator. 

1. Mobile Number 

2. City where Mobile Number is registered


On iOS mobile app, Teams shows City instead of Mobile Number. 

I am in IT field and as per my thinking, instead of putting Mobile Number variable in label placeholder, developer must have put City variable. 


Can you please escalate this issue and fix this? This is very important for my organization to have mobile number displayed on the caller

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Hello @krishg  We do appreciate your reporting bugs, and the place to do that is our Uservoice feedback forum, where others can vote on the issue and where you can search to see if it has already been reported and is being worked on.  Thanks for being a member of the community.