Bug teams with Android April 2022

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Hello Eveyone,


I am contacting you to find out if anyone else has had the same problem as us. We use Teams to connect via Polycom video equipment. Each meeting room is connected with a specific user.


On the night of April 27 to 28, all Teams accounts were disconnected ... this represents approximately 195 meeting rooms in the group ! We opened an incident ticket at Polycom who replied after analysis that it was a Microsoft Teams bug on all Android devices that night. It's a bit surprising! Would you also have been impacted by this "bug" and if so, do you know what really happened? This caused us a lot of work and disorganized the company. I would like to have a reliable feedback.


Thank you in advance to those who could help me. Sorry for my English which is not very correct. good day to all


Best Regards,


Franck Goliot

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@FranckGoliot Thanks for sharing with the community.  Have you also reported this in the desktop app under help ("report a problem")?