BUG? Teams Call Queue Redirect to Voicemail System Message Playing

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In Call Queue, when selecting "Redirect this call to" Voicemail and selecting "Type in a greeting message." It plays the message I typed in then it says, "Please leave a message after the tone, when you have finished, please hang up." Unlike Auto Attendant there is not an option to "Suppress voicemail system message". On the other hand, when you select "Play an audio file" it does not play the system message.

Is there a way to suppress the system message via Powershell? Seems odd that it would suppress the message one way but not the other.

Also, does anyone know why when transferring from an Auto Attendant to a Call Queue, it takes 8 seconds to hear the next message or hold music, but when you transfer to another Auto Attendant it only takes 3?





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Anyone else experiencing this same problem?

@ITSourcePro I have this same exact problem.

well, the issue i face is that it dosen't play my typed in message.

I have a similar situation where a call queue forwards to another call queue then finally to voicemail... i.e Receptionist > Overflow "somebody, answer this call" > "fine go to voicemail" type of call flow.

It will not play the audio file as the voicemail message, it only ever plays the system message. I have tried to type in a custom message as well, it seems to ignore the audio file / typed in message BUT if played as a greeting the audio file plays fine. i.e receptionist > overflow > AA play greeting + redirect to VM (with supressed system message) but the caller hears themselves being ping ponged around our system.

Did anyone have any luck with powershell?