BUG: "Go to website" does not work for SharePoint tab in IE

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Hi i have reported this at UserVoice as well. Let me know if I should keep it to one place only.


Basically the "Go to website" feature of a Teams SharePoint tab does not work if the default browser is Edge or IE. This is due to the page contatining a script titled "sp-teams-tabcontent.js" which includes the usage of "URLSearchParams" which is not supported in IE https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/URLSearchParams.


- Ensure IE is set as default browser (so that link will open in this) 
- Add a SharePoint tab in a Teams Channel (using the SharePoint tab and not the Website tab) 
- Click the "Go to website" icon in the upper right corner


See attached file for more info


There is a polyfill available at https://github.com/jerrybendy/url-search-params-polyfill which might solve this.