Bug or a Feature?

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Recently a client created a Team, but she had a small typo. I signed on to my admin account, which is a Global Admin but not a member of that team, and corrected the group name using the Admin Center -> Groups. It is a simple typo correction, although I have taken the action, it recorded in the channel as the Owner acted on it. 


This doesn't seem correct to me. Screenshot shows the informational message posted in the team general channel. The blurred name isn't the account that took the action, however that is the only Owner in the Team. 


It seems it is defaulting the activity to Owner, although a completely different admin account took the action. 




I am not sure if we can tag product team here to ask their opinion. 

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They've know about it. It's been an issue for awhile now. They really just need to get rid of those messages in general. Any action you make as an admin, will use a random owner as the person doing the change in the general messages.

You can check the admin logs for the correct audit action, but it definatley can cause confusion to users.

Ahh Thanks @Chris Webb - I didn't know that it is a known issue :) 

yeah been around awhile. Surprised it's taken this long to address.