Bug? Locked out of existing external chats on Teams mobile app

Bob Manjoney
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As of yesterday, on Teams mobile for Android, I've been locked out of all existing private chats with external users. Each chat now displays a Skype icon in the list of chats, and at the bottom of each actual chat window the message reads:


Teams Mobile - AndroidTeams Mobile - Android


These users did in fact Switch to Teams - but that happened months ago, not just today.


1. If I click Start New Chat, a new chat window opens. I type a message in as one normally does, but the recipient doesn't receive the message, and the chat "disappears" from the list of chats once I hit the back button to navigate to another chat or Teams function.

2. This happens for all existing external chats, regardless of their organization, and they are in multiple organizations. All of them are "Teams Only" orgs, and have been for several months. Nobody I am interacting with has used Skype in months, although these convo's did begin as Skype to Teams conversations months ago.

3. On the desktop app, things look "normal" - no such message about the user having switched to Teams.


Any advice to get out of this situation? I interact mostly with external users this way, so at this point I am completely unable to chat with these users via mobile.




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Hmm, could this be a thing with interop between Skype and Teams..

If it´s working with the desktop app but not mobile, it could be an update that´s missing between mobile app and desktop. Have you tried to update your app on the phone?


How is your tenants settings for Microsoft Teams? Are you using Islands or Teams only?


Please raise a support ticket, if something that was working broke then its best to get support involved.

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