Bug in selected-text Copy function?

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Experiencing strange behaviours in Teams on Mac client.


Using 'Copy' / CMD-C / Right click Copy on a selection of text in a message works as expected.

However repeating the same within a code block ``` text ``` has strange behaviour.

Usually I'm selecting something like a filename from a chunk someone else has pasted, so I select only the filename/path and click Copy. When I paste it, the entire* text block is pasted - not just the what was selected.


* However, if the pasted code block contains one or more URLs then these appear to act as delimiters and only the text between the URLs is copied.


It is frustrating because in order to extract specific lines from Teams I must first paste it to an interim editor, then copy the bit I want out from there.


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Hi @pgregg_pp  Please report any bugs on our Uservoice feedback forum, where you'll be able to track any progress toward a fix.  

Did you post this on Uservoice? Have this issue as well and would like to upvote. Also frustrating and sorta related, if someone posts a text file, you cannot cut and paste anything out of it.