Bug: adaptive card action task/fetch not invoked

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Hello! We have the following problem. We are posting an adaptive card with action type Acton.Submit and data type task/fetch. This button invokes handleTeamsTaskModalFetch. The problem is that for some user in the mobile app this method is not invoke while for others it is. Any idea what could cause this behavior?
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@Tomasz Poszytek may be a good one to answer this. This guy knows more about adaptive cards that anyone I know


Best, Chris

Thank you, @Christopher Hoard!
@Tomasz Poszytek looking forward for your input!
Is this about bot framework? I honestly don't recall fetch method in Adaptive Cards I am using :)

@TomaszPoszytek Yes. We are sending an Adaptive card from messiging extention. To open a task module from a button in the Adaptive card we have the following code: 

  type: 'Action.Submit',
  title: Labels.CREATE_COMMENT,
  data: {
   msteams: {
    type: 'task/fetch',
   content: {
    title: content.title,
    id: `${content.id}`,
    type: content.type,