Breakout Teams Question - Black Screen

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Hello all! 


I host a lot of trainings but today faced an error that was new. I was able to move everyone to a breakout room but only group 1 could see and hear each other. The other rooms were unable to go off mute and saw a black screen. I went into the rooms, and they could hear me, but they could not hear/see each other. I closed and re-opened the rooms with no luck. 


Any thoughts? 



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I ran into this with a government customer - some users were successful in entering the breakout rooms while others reported a black screen and were not assigned to the room appropriately. If this continues, there is a way to collect support logs on the Teams client. You could also ask users with the problem to document what they see with the steps recorder in Windows. Clicking on a window or dialog box takes a screen capture and they can save and send the file to a support tech.

Hope this helps!