Breakout Rooms timer display in main meeting

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Dear All, 

Is there a way to display the same timer which is visible in the breakout rooms also in the main meeting room? The meeting organizer usually does not move into the breakout rooms and would appreciate this information in the main room as well.

Thank, for your support, BR, Elena

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Hi @EAsanin, there is currently no built-in option to achieve this. But of course you can go to to create a feature request or vote for an existing feature request:

break out room timer · Community (

Hi @Thorsten Pickhan Thank you for your response. Just to be sure: you mean that there is currently NO built-in option? I will follow your advise and create a feature request. BR, Elena

Sorry, my mistake and forgot some words. I've edited my response and fixed it. Yes, that's what I meant: I don't know of any current integrated solution.