Breakout Rooms kicking people out

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Just completed a training with 42 participants doing 8 nights of 3 hours of training using teams.  Each evening contained a breakout room activity. A number of participants would be bounced out of the breakout room and back to the main room (which I ultimately made a breakout room aka party room). Some bounced back and others faced a black screen and were required to rejoin the meeting.  This seemed to happen to the same people repeatedly with some where it did one week and not another, but I cannot find any reason. They were using various devices/systems etc.


Would appreciate some support in how to avoid this in future trainings.

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Hi @Laura1971  I found a response to this issue - and another - on the answers site.  Hope it helps: Breakout Rooms issues - Microsoft Community

Thank you@Therese_Solimeno. It seems no one has found a solution and multiple people continue to have this problem. One person had all the people in one room he was able to fix but mine came from multiple rooms.  I stayed in the main room and called it the party room and everyone kicked out was just in a group with me. Calling it the party room turned something negative into a positive which although unplanned worked well.