Breadcrumbs missing in Teams

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In some teams, the breadcrumbs (Files -> General) is missing, se attached pictures. In SharePoint view, everythings works out fine.

Bug or some kind of setting?


SharePoint view:







How it's supposed to look like:


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@StigP Hey this may be a longshot, but did you ever figure this out?

No, I didn't :\

Any update on this? Is the Documents breadcrumb only available in the General channel? 

This is happening to my Teams as well. Breadcrumbs used to work and only in the last week or two it seems to have changed. Would appreciate some advice on how to fix as it is a hassle going back out ot the general folder all the time.
have seen this too. seems isolated to the user and not all teams.

@StigP  Has anyone got the bottom of this yet?

@JB-Sense Not satisfactorily. I have come up with a mid-way solution for myslef but may not suit others.

I have selected all files to automatically open in the associated desktop app rather than in Teams. This keeps the breadcrumbs working. But it means you have 10 apps open rather than just one, not really what Teams is meant to do for you... 

I have the same questions and posted on MS Community:

From the reply of MS support, it looks like this problem is not always reproducible on everyone machine. But I can reproduce it under my company's subscription, either on client or on web.
Updated on this issues.
I tried version (64-bit) released on 06 Jun. It seems that the issues has fixed some how.