Bot messageback issue in 1:1

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Hello All,


This if my first post on this forum.


My name is Seb & im a system engineer since 10 years.


I started to develop a Bot for Teams and i have a strange issue in 1:1 chat.

I create a card with messageback action and in 1:1 when i click on this button, i have an error message : Something went wrong. Please try again.


BUT in Channel, there is no issue when i click on the messageback button.


I take a look on my teams logs and i found this :


2019-06-07T19:49:13.215Z Err [BotCardService::onButtonClicked_messageback()] sendInvoke failed: {"statusCode":500,"headers":{"pragma":"no-cache","contextid":"tcid=818109168234866291,server=DB3PEPF000000A4,cv=maDuAb+JHUWvLf0LupnF/g.0","content-type":"application/json; charset=utf-8","cache-control":"no-store, must-revalidate, no-cache","set-registrationtoken":"**redacted**","content-length":"119"},"errorMessage":"Error Code: 500 ","errorCode":500,"request":{}}
2019-06-07T19:49:13.215Z Err Unhandled exception. : , cause: , stack: {anonymous}(#object,null) > printStackTrace(#object)
2019-06-07T19:49:13.214Z War HTTP request DM invoke POST failed: POST "", status: 500, response: {"errorCode":500,"message":"Invoke failed due to internal error: Invoke failed: something went wrong in ProcessInvoke"}, errorCode: 500, requestId: undefined, correlationId: undefined
2019-06-07T19:49:13.108Z War Analytics service: Panel data not present to populate panel action, falling back to main


I really don't know if issue is related to my bot or on teams.


thanks in advance for your help !

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@Tidfisto I have the same issue. 

I have 3 bots instances created with the same code, 2 of them was created 1-2 months ago and they are working correctly, but I tried to create a new one last week and this issue appeared.


It seems that changes have been made in Teams in the last month that have affected the actions of messageBack.

@JorgeGarciaThanks for your post.


Just for information, i tried to click on a button on a old bot and i have the same issue.


I opened a case to MS and the answer i had for this moment was :


I have discussed the issue with my colleagues from Teams team and they have told that there is a known issue with the Free Tier, which does not happen with the paid subscriptions. Teams support team has been already working with our product team to investigate this.


But i'm using my company Teams and it's not a free version.

@Tidfisto We have exactly the same issue. Old bot is still working, but messageback for the new one gives the error

Exactly the same issue here, Action.Submit types of adaptive cards only work in channels and no longer work in the 1 on 1 conversation with the bot.

Same Issue here.. :(

It seams that this happens if you install any new bot to the teams, even the bots from microsoft app store have same issue. We use app store bot in our teams and it work ok for the old users, but if we install it for the new user we have the same issue as with the custom one

@TidfistoYep, having the same issue here. Any idea if we can expect a fix for it?

@Tidfisto  Good news. The issue seems to be solved.

My bot works as expected.

Any resolution you can post here?


@adam deltinger  Not really. I just went to check what was wrong last week and I have seen that it now works correctly without requiring any change. 

@Sven1010  WHAT UP!!?!:cool: