Bookings app - "Something went wrong"

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As an admin I created a few test Bookings calendars and have since deleted them and the associated user accounts, which are purged and unable to be restored now.


When I try to add the Bookings app to Teams it is trying to default to the original calendar that no longer exists and the error message "Something went wrong" is shown.  There is no way to switch calendars to an actual existing calendar.


This only affects my account as the admin that created the original calendars that no longer exist.  How can I reset the Bookings app for my account so I can provision the app under Teams again as if it was the first time?  I have tried deleting Teams from my %appdata% folder and re-installing with no luck.


Does anyone have any experience with this situation that could help?  Wpo

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I figured this one out, for anyone else who finds this post the solution was to re-create the original calendar in Bookings with the EXACT same name. The Bookings app in Teams will then reconnect and you can switch calendars to the actual calendar you want, afterwards you can then delete the original calendar you don't need again