Booking system?

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I would like tips for the best way to use a booking system in Office 365. Case:

1: external client book a date and time in a calendar system (don’t assume the client has an Microsoft account)

2. when client done a booking members in team channel will get alert

3. members in team channel claims the booking 

4. Confirmation with information is sent to both external client and the member of the team that claimed the booking

5. After appointment follow up will be sent automatically to client and member of the team


someone who has a great (free) solution ?

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Have you looked at Microsoft Bookings?
It also integrates with Teams, albeit not all functionalities are exposed directly in the Teams client.

Hi Vasil,

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I have been looking at Microsoft Bookings, but haven´t found the best way to set up for the process. Any tips on how to?