Board Meeting - using separate screen per attendee

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We are wanting to try something different for a virtual board meeting where we have a separate physical monitor/device per attendee. The idea is to place them around a table so those physically present have a monitor on the board room table where the virtual attendee would usually sit.
Has anyone tried something like this with Teams?
Essentially, a mix of physical and virtual attendees around the table with a monitor displaying the individual virtual attendee.
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@KiwiCyril Easy enough to achieve, use a laptop to power each screen, pin the person you want at that seat.


It won't be a good user experience though, due to where the sounds comes and camera feeds, thee can realistically be only one source and then the voices aren't coming from the faces and you won't make eye contact. Why not just have one large screen at human height and use a Together Mode scene that makes the remote participants look like they are virtually in the meeting.

Thanks @Steven Collier 

We will try Together Mode and see what response we get.

Just trying to liven things up a bit for attendees.

Appreciate your feedback.