Bluetooth headset audio issue after breakout session

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When I rejoin the main Teams meeting after a breakout session, the audio on my Jabra bluetooth headset no longer works and I have to use the system audio. I'm not able get the headset to reconnect by leaving the meeting and rejoining it either. I was able to exit the program entirely and reconnect on a test call after the meeting. The issue seems to be with the breakout rooms. Has anyone else encountered this? And are there any fixes? Thanks!

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Hello @SAS_1   If you search this community for past posts on Jabra, you'll see a few that may address the issue, like this one:

@ThereseSolimeno Thanks for your reply! I am able to rejoin the main meeting after the breakout with no computer/Teams connectivity issues, but can't use the headphones, even though the settings are correct. I'm using a Macbook Air. I tried re-pairing the headset, so maybe that will help. I'm pretty sure it's the bluetooth connection but I can try your solution as well! Thanks again!

Update to this post & for a quick fix: I still don't know what's causing the issue, but closing out of the platform completely and then relaunching to join the main session (as opposed to just leaving the breakout and rejoining the main session) is working for now.
I have the same problem but since I am the meeting host, I can't log out and back in. This is a very frustrating problem and I'm hoping for better answers. LMK if you find one! THanks!