Bluetooth headphones stop sound during calls

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I am using my Huawei Freebuds 3i Bluetooth headphones for calls when I'm on the go and at random times during calls input and output sound stops working. Only after a reconnect of the headphones the sound resumes as it should. The timing on when this happens seems to be arbitrary, sometimes it happens after a few seconds but I have also had it working continuously for over 30 minutes.


Several times when this happened, instead of fully reconnecting the headphones I just switched the audio device to my PC speakers and back to the Bluetooth headphones. On the first of these occasions this actually fixed the problem but all other times it did not fix the problem and I had to reconnect

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@sefranz  This is the same issue I face many times while using the same Bluetooth device with my phone and computer as you know these days Bluetooth are connected to multi-devices this is why I have to remove or disconnect the Bluetooth from other devices was quick to fix and also on the Teams setting making this Bluetooth device as default which you might have it as well but this was a quick fix.


so If I am on the computer and using that Bluetooth device with Teams call it works normally but Bluetooth is turn on my phone since it tried to connect to the phone as well. if I am using Bluetooth with my phone just turn on my phone Bluetooth it works normally even it is still connected to the computer using the small USB for Bluetooth connection.

@sefranz I recently bought the Huawei Freebuds 3i (noise cancellation) and I'm experiencing the same issue on MS Teams on a Windows 10 Desktop PC. I'll be on a call and then after 5 minutes, the sound disappears. Turns out the microphone still works as people can hear me, but I'm unable to hear anything. The only way to fix the sounds issue is to put the buds back in the charging holder, close the lid, and then take them out and put them back on.


I checked the windows event log and cannot find any event that could have caused the issue.


I hope someone can find a solution to this.




@WernerDT I've got precisely the same issue with the same combination (Huawei Freebuds 3i and Microsoft Windows 10, using the earbuds for MS Teams calls). Also follow the same solution to resolve (pods back in case, shut lid and reopen).


However, funnily, my spouse also uses the same hardware - and the issue doesn't occur there. Still trying to figure out what configuration difference is causing this. 


Meanwhile, if there is a resolution, please do share!

@thespian My issue has no disappeared. It's either resolved by an MSTeams update or a Bluetooth driver for the Freebuds. Sorry but I'm not sure which one. I did remove the Freebuds and re-added them as a Bluetooth device. But I don't know exactly how it got solved, but it's no longer an issue.


Good Luck