Bluetooth audio cuts out with a larger number of participants

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I have a Microsoft recommended Jabra bluetooth device and a cheaper bluetooth device.


I noticed with both, they work absolutely fine during the day for most small calls, however when I join a Teams meeting with a larger number of participants, the audio no longer works, but the mic does. I have to switch to my Laptop audio speakers to be able to continue.


This then stays a problem till I restart. 


Does Teams change how the audio connects depending on P2P/Distributed connections? I can't figure out exactly how many participants causes this, but its somewhere over 6-10 people.



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Hi @LondonRS and thanks for the feedback/question.  Check your messages here on the Tech Community, in case you'd be able to help us out with logs re this issue. 

Hi there, messaged you, not sure where is the best place to send you the logs as they are quite big and you can't attached in a PM @roman_s_f