Blocking a number from being dialed - how do I do this?

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To set up the situation, lets assume the tenant has received phishing emails where users are being told to remediate call XXX-XXX-XXXX for support. In order to help mitigate potential damages, blocking the number from being dialed in Teams and other phone systems we have control over.


For Teams the only thing I could think of to address this would be to use a dial plan and set up a translation rule to redirect the number in the phishing email to one our company owns that hosts a pre-recorded message saying "This number was detected as a phishing attempt. We are preventing this number from being dialed."


Does this sound doable? Am I missing something else that might be better to do? We are using Microsoft Calling Plans, in case this makes a difference in a solution for versus Direct Routing or Operator Connect in Teams.



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Hi @Timothy Balk ,

I think your proposed solution is the best from user perspective. It is transparent to the user because the announcement will inform that the number is blocked.

When using Direct Routing, you could exclude the mentioned number from the voice routing policy.


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With Calling Plans the only option to block the number would be using the Dial Plan configuration. Had it been Operator Connect or Direct Routing we could have made the configuration in Voice Routing policies or on the SBC to block the certain NPA calling.

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Thanks @RealTime_M365 and @Thorsten Pickhan 


I'll have to ask our TAM about if MS will put a feature in Teams to just block a number similar to the way Direct Connect can. But for now, redirecting the dialed number to the auto-attendant works well.