Block Premium Rate Numbers

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how would I block users dialling UK premium rate numbers in Teams? Basically any number starting with 09.

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Hi @blue-man  I found this older blog that may offer a solution.  If not, you can always reach out to the author with your specific question: Teams Tip: Blocking PSTN numbers in Teams - Perficient Blogs

@blue-man  Hi, did you ever figure out how to do this ?


I have had the same query for a while and doesn't seem to be any straight forward way to do this. Countries like UK and Spain have access to expensive premium rate services if you don't block. 


If you don't have international dialling access its pretty easy as you can just have specific voice routes to only match National minus the premium pattern but when someone has international dialling access you need a pattern like this which then also catches the premium as well - ^\+(\d*)$ 


One way of doing it is in the Dial-Plan and matching the premium number and translating to a non routable number but just doesn't seem a good scalable way of doing it. 


Thanks, Carl