Block labelled file upload in Teams (AIP)

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Hello community,


I am using Azure Information Protection to label files and documents. I would like to forbid my users to share (inside and outside my organization) files in Teams with label "Super Secret".


I know that I can block channel messages containing credit card number and other things using DLP. And I would like to do the same with files based on AIP labels.


The final goal is to prevent files containing super secret data being upload to the cloud.


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Hi @dtcheng

Using sensitivity labels as conditions in DLP policies is now in preview. See here

I would give this a go and hopefully, it does what you need.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@dtcheng  multiple options ie you can block the file upload/downloading in OneDrive online / SharePoint or other apps  using Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps / Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and the user will be notified with custom messagesScreenshot_19.png

good alternative options @abdulrehman_binaltaf they could certainly scope them alongside sensitivity labels and see which one suits them.


Best, Chris