Block individual answering party's name/details when they answer a call to a Call Queue

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Scenario: We have a bunch of Audiocodes 405HD handsets (SIP Gateway connected) in public areas that are hotlined/auto-dialled to a Call Queue (via an Auto-Attendant). Currently, when a member of the Call Queue Group answers a call from one of these handsets, the caller sees that individual's name displayed on the phone. Staff have raised privacy concerns about this behaviour.


Is it possible to display the Auto-Attendant/Call Queue name on the caller's phone when answered or alternatively just block the answering party's specific information and show nothing?

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what is your current caller ID policy ?

@eliekarkafy I always assumed CLID policy was only applicable to outgoing calls. Here's the policy (default) applied to all members in the CQG.



Override the caller ID policy: Allow users to override the settings in the policy that decide whether or not they display their number to the callee. This means that users can choose whether to display their caller ID


Your end users can set their caller ID to Anonymous by going to Settings > Calls, and then under Caller ID, select Hide my phone number and profile information for all calls. It takes a few minutes for this setting change to reflect on new calls.

Hi Elie.

I've done what you suggested. As I suspected. the CLID policy or individual override setting is only applicable on outgoing calls from the service. So, when an individual answers an incoming call from Teams to the call queue, the caller sees the answering party's individual details no matter what CLID settings are applied to the answering party's account.
I missed the point of the incoming call from the caller. I think it's impossible to achieve that, but I recommend you open a ticket with MS maybe they have any alternative workaround in the backend.
Thanks Elie... I have raised a support ticket
FYI, Microsoft advise this is a 'by design behavior'