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In my scenarios we have few kiosk users and on those users I don't want to allow chat,call etc. with external users. Can I create one more Org-Wide-settings policy or how I can block chat option with external users.


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External access (federation) is controlled for the whole Teams tenant, so it is not possible to control per user. 


There is an uservoice request for this, vote for that.

Hi @Azure_Webinor 


In case you want you disable the External Communications for Specific Users. Currently this is not possible we can either disable the external communications on the Tenant Level only.  


Even using the Messaging Policy you cannot restrict the user from making external communications. 


Here is the Reference Link to the Same


Microsoft Teams External Federation Settings


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You can use Grant-CsExternalAccessPolicy -PolicyName NoFederationAndPIC against as specific user to block all Federation and PIC access for that user. It's not exposed in the TAC, the only way to administer is via PS and per user.

@Korbyn Forsman

Will this method block our one internal user from being seen by the Federated domain? 

Did you manage to find a way to block one user from being contacted by external user?

Hi, I would really like to know if anyone found a solution to this also