BLF Speed Dial with Teams Phone

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I have a customer who is in the process of migrating from Cisco BroadSoft to MS Teams calling and has requested BLF functionality for the PAs. 


I recommended the EXP50 sidecar but have been told that the BLF functionality is not available when EXP50 is used with an MS Teams phone.  The customer basically wants to have the BLF presence of the user and the ability to be able to pick up the call made to the monitored user by pressing the BLF Speed dial key on the sidecar.



Is that functionality available with a Teams phone and if not can it be achieved by using the EXP50 with a SIP phone registered via MS SIP Gateway? 

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The BLF functionality will vary and should be available with a Teams Native Phone with the expansion module. The Expansion Module will allow you to see the presence of the user. Only catch is if the user has set the status as busy it will also show as red for the Admin.

The functionality won't work via SIP Gateway as the SIP Gateway cannot support presence.

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Thanks, Satish. Do you happen to know if there is call pickup functionality available from the expansion module?