Blanket retention for all resources vs specific sites only

Gurdev Singh

We are considering pros and cons of applying retention policies to everything e.g. to all Teams, all SharePoint sites and OneDrive accounts rather than choosing specific selected Teams or Sites.


Has anyone out there tried this before and got any feedback to share. Where this setup reduces maintenance and accidental loss e.g. in case a SharePoint site wasn't included for retention. It also causes issues when users try to delete sites, libraries, lists etc which don't contain any business specific content. E.g. Test teams or empty SharePoint sites etc.


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That all depends on your specific requirements, we cannot really answer it for you. There's a lot of admin overhead if you want to manage those individually, and there's always the chance that you miss some "endpoint", so if you have to meet regulatory requirements, best put a company-wide retention. The "I didn't think this site is important" argument will not play in court.


There are also limits for the number of policies/objects you add to a policy, if you go the individual route. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/securitycompliance/retention-policies#a-policy-with-speci...