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I am new to Teams and we are trying to setup the phone system for our new business.  I have followed all of the steps (that I can find) and I think we have purchased all of the various licenses.  We have our numbers for all the partners and I set up a "main Line" number and had it assigned to a resource account.  I am trying to set the main line number as the auto attendant but when I click on the auto attendant link, it sends me to a blank web page (same thing happens with call ques).  Nothing at all shows up on the page... nothing.  when I try to click the back button, nothing happens.  I have to reload the entire website.  


I spoke on the phone with the help desk and the did the screen sharing thing.  He said he had never seen it do this before.  we tried on 2 MacBooks and 1 IBM.  same results.  help desk said teams was broken and I needed to wait it out.  not very reassuring.  


Is there anything anyone can think of that I did wrong or another way to approach this situation?


I am an attorney - not a tech person.  please help.

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Can you check if you have assigned the Phone System Virtual User License to the Resource Account? Additionally did you try to create a new Auto Attendant and check if the issue is happening with all the AA/CQ?

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