📣 Beta testers for Microsoft Teams cross-platform chat (Slack / Spark / HipChat / more!)

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Hello fellow MSFT Teams community members!


We're looking for a few beta testers for our new upcoming Microsoft Teams product, lets you chat with your contacts on any platform - all from within Microsoft Teams as your central messaging hub. For example, you can chat with your colleagues or external peers that are using Slack all from within Microsoft Teams. It's some heavy duty magic we've been working on and we're excited to start sharing with the community.


We'd love to gather feedback and hear from you - anyone interested gets free early access. Please tell us how we can make your Teams experience top notch before we do the public launch.


Let me know -- thanks!

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I would love to be beta tester for Microsoft Teams cross-platform chat. How do you sign up?



Interested in more info before this message gets axed :p
@esben I suspect that it's not a Microsoft Product, it's third party!

You'd suspect right - from the crew at



Don't think it will be, it was clearly identifiable as from a 3rd-party asking for testers rather than anything else, seems reasonable enough.  Sounds cool anyway, I tweeted about this and there was a fair bit of interest.

Can you add yourself to the waitlist on I'll ping you this week for next steps
It's message interoperability using the public Microsoft Teams API - our hope is that once we get enough beta feedback we'll submit to the Microsoft Teams App Directory.

Currently we are working on supporting Teams users to chat with their contacts *in Teams* while their external contacts can chat from their Slack, Skype, Stride (formerly HipChat), Cisco Spark, etc.

Sounds interesting @Chris Traganos, I've joined the wait list.


Any plans or ability to migrate Slack messages to Teams ?

Thanks for the additional info :). I have signed up to the waitlist. Related: Do any of you know when guest access to people without an AAD account is available in Teams?



I'd like to be a beta tester for your cross-platform chat and also have a deeper presentation about what you are doing, as Im' part of a cross-platform integrator and services provider company. My role is to develop service catalogue to support our customers in their digital transformation, and sometimes, in their heterogenous ecosystem of solutions they historically chosed, depending countries, B.U.s or subsidiaries ! 


Let me know please when and how we can meet (via Teams, Spark, Slack, Rainbow, Google Hangouts, !!!)



@Chris Traganos is it still possible to join the wait list? We currently collaborate with Teams, Slack, and Skype. Would love to keep my team in one place if possible.

I would love to participate in this beta. It would give us even further reach in our company.

I am interested in becoming a beta tester for MSFT teams. How do I sign up?

We'd be interested in something that could connect Hipchat (soon to be Stride).  Is anything like that forthcoming?