Best way to surface a Teams folder / One drive on a different server

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We are writing some RPA processes that need to access folders and files in Teams. For example a robot might need to read file names in a teams folder to determine the next available file name and then create and save a file in that folder. Other times a bot will need to access a file in a pre-existing teams folder and update it.


We would like to do this without making a copy of the file or folder that then has to synchronize as we find that sometimes synchronization breaks. Seems like it would be better to somehow "reach out" to the  folders in question from the server the BOT is running on so we can access the folders/files directly. 


I am not an admin but a programmer and so am looking for the best practice in order to do this.


At other times users will store something in their one drive and we need to access it as above.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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